Oh my gosh guys..

This was one of the most precious things I have ever witnessed! Tyler is a close friend to Dakota and I. As we were chatting in the gym he mentioned that he bought a ring! What better way to have a proposal than a photographed proposal?! I told him that I had a dress that would fit his fiancé, Kenna, and we could say we needed them for the website. He talked Kenna and she was super excited to have some photographs taken! I helped Tyler find a perfect ring box just for this occasion.

I had high hopes to be able to go to Bald Knob again. Sadly, the rain was not letting up on us that day. I thought maybe there would be a small chance that the weather would've been completely different on the mountain, but it wasn't! That's ok, we improvised! We went to Mountain Lake Lodge instead.

We decided to make a spot in the White Gazebo and started shooting! If you have ever shot with us before, I always try to make the shoots fun with games and questions for our couples. I had them face each other, and I wanted Kenna to tell Tyler why she loves him. Then, I had Tyler tell Kenna why he loves her for the perfect opportunity to propose! I swear, she had no idea it was coming! The photos, in our opinion, are the proof of that! After he proposed, it loosened them up to get some fabulous photos of them! Here are some of my favorites from the session!