Oh my gosh...GUYS

While meeting Morgan and Caleb for their pre-engagement session meet up, she mentioned that she wanted to go to Bald Knob for her engagement photos! As sad as it sounds, I had never been up there. So I made sure that Dakota and I made a trip up there to check out what I would be working with. I actually do that with every engagement session we do. After doing the hike, I was so excited to do this shoot!

Of course the day we made plans to go up, it was the coldest day of the week! That didn't stop us though! I must admit, the sky would've looked so different if it was a warm day! Cold days not only bring beautiful skies but they bring beautiful colors as well!

We treated them with a bottle of wine as a celebration of making it up the mountain! We had so much fun getting to know them as they were taking sips of their favorite Blackberry wine. The wind was chilling to the bone on the rocks! What a perfect opportunity to cuddle up close with each other in the blanket. I am pretty sure Caleb was trying to steal the blanket from Morgan!

Despite the fact it was so cold, we couldn't have asked for a better shoot! Dakota and I left so excited to work their wedding in October. They are going to have a fun group of people, no doubt!

Did you say film?

Most of you know, I have been incorporating film into my sessions. It's not a lot! Sometimes it's only half a roll (6 shots). But, if you knew me..half a roll is enough to make my day! When we planned their engagement session, I couldn't help myself but to plan on bringing my Hasselblad! Their shots are drop dead gorgeous! I couldn't have been happier with the results of the film. Can't wait to shoot more in film with my couples!