Before we get started...


You and your fiancé are taking on a wonderful journey together! While you're looking around, we want to give you a brief explanation of our package! We like to make our package as easy as we can for you guys as you are making some decisions on what is financially possible for you. Our package is a one price, one package deal. We never set a certain amount of hours for you guys to chose from. We are there while you're getting ready and we are there till you leave! We also will give you all the edited images we felt best represented your wedding day!

If you feel like that is us, then browse around! Check out our blog as it will give you more information about tips, things to think about while planning your wedding, and a little more about Dakota and I! Hope to hear more about your wedding day!!



“I don't think we could have gone
with a better photographer. They
guys were there to be there and
take photos and not just business
like the vibe all the other photographers
gave me. The heart and soul you put
into your work was felt and we're
just so thankful!”

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