GUYS. I am sure you have heard me say it before..


In my opinion, there is something so raw about film that captures a moment in so many different ways. Something about how the writing borders the image giving its history. Something about the camera and how it imprints what I am seeing right on the negative. I can't get enough from it!!

As most of you know, I have been working on trying to incorporating my film into my sessions. So far, it has been a success!! I have enjoyed get a few shots with my couples before the wedding day to get a before marriage and after marriage shot! I wanted to share some of my shots from our session with Courtney & Zachery last month with you guys. I am sure you are curious about what the process is of what happens when we photograph on some film, so here we go!

While we have our session digital is always our priority! But, there are always a few shots that I like to incorporate my film camera in! After our session, I have a company that I sent it off to. Even though film is my favorite, the only thing that makes me sad is how long it takes to get it back! It takes about 3 days to get there and once it there it goes through a developing process. Once the developing process is done, they mail back our negatives! All in all, it takes about 2 weeks. Once we receive them in the mail the scanning begins! Scanning the negatives take about a day for me to be able to do, and then the editing process starts! The editing process can take a little more time, because what comes with film are dust! No matter how perfect you are with film, there is dust always in the air! Let me tell you, the scans will show you! Getting all the dust out can take time. In my opinion, it's all worth it!

ALAS, here is what we work with!

For more questions about our film process, send a message! I love talking about it! lol