1. We love to meet people! Our favorite part about working with our clients is getting to know not only them, but their guests too! Each wedding can be so different, but getting to know everyone will never change! When we get to the end of our time with our clients, I get a bit of sadness because we have so much fun working with all my clients. Especially while editing their photographs! It is important to us to have a relationship with our clients. We never want their experience to feel like it's always a sells pitch to them. We truly just want to be friends, but also make sure that they are thrilled with their product/experience!
  2. Our turn around time might be a little longer than most..I know the wait is horrible! You want to see them immediately! The reason for why our turn around time might be a bit longer than most, is because I care about each photograph that we took on your wedding day! I find that each image has their own personality and feel, so I like to work straight from each individual image instead of adding a preset. You might be wondering what a preset is! A preset is as close to an instagram filter as you can get. Now imagine adding a filter to every one of you photographs, when I personally think they all have their own feel!
  3. We are your right hand man! We feel that it's important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with! A wedding can be a long event and we will be with you the most out of everyone that day. So we might not be the right fit for you, and that's ok! At the end of the day, it is your day! You should feel as comfortable as you can with your photographer.
  4. We LOVE getting ready shots!! We find that we get some of the best photographs of both you and your future hubby getting ready! I love watching how everyone's hair and make up turns out. If you know Dakota, he has so much fun talking to all the groomsmen! One of my favorite parts is watching each bride step into their dress. You can always see a sense of nervousness of "oh my gosh, what if it doesn't fit?!" Yet it always does and you can see them grinning ear to ear! We also believe that this is such a special time for everyone to spend time together before the wedding, and that is important to us be able to photograph that!
  5. Last but not least, we love to have fun! They say that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life! Weddings are such a fun event that we love to be able to photograph that, but have a little bit of fun in the mix of it!

Our business has so many core values, but our client comes first! At the end of our time with them, we always want to make sure that they love their to look that at their wedding day and remember such fond memories!