There are so many things that rank to be one of the most important things for your wedding. Venue always comes first (depending on who you talk to!), food can come next, but your photographer is pretty high on the list too! Obviously this depends on who you are and if you care about having photographs done. We try to be as helpful as we can for our clients! We make it a mission to try to explain as much as we can for you guys with our blog, that way you know what to expect! So let's talk about what happens before & after you guys book us!


We LOVE meeting you guys before anything happens. I know it sounds strange because most would want the deposit first. That's not the case for us. You guys come before the check! We know that sometimes we won't be the right fit for you guys, and it is important for us to get to know one another first before you guys feel forced to send a check. We have had times where people know right out the gate if we are the right fit for their wedding! Other times, it might take a second to think about this decision. That's 100% ok! We are going to be with you guys the most on your wedding day, so it is important that you guys make the right decision for you!

In those meetings, I like to bring a folder full of information regarding our contract, information about Dakota and I, and our handmade Bride Guide designed specially to guide you through your planning process! If you feel like we are the right fit for you, yay! We cannot wait to be a part of you special day! In order for us to block off your wedding day, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit with a signed contract. Once those two things are done, we block off your weekend specially for you and your future wifey or hubby!


Something that we include with our package is an engagement session. By having the meeting, that allows us to break the ice before we put a camera in your face. We love to talk about locations, types of photographs you want, and learn more about how you guys interact! After we figure all the essentials, we schedule your session! This is where the fun begins for Dakota and I! Fun fact, we love making new friends!

Once your session gets here, we meet at your choice of location! We have some fun getting to know some little fun facts about you guys! Sometimes our sessions can last up to two hours because we have so much fun! And of course, you can bring multiple outfits! When we get the end of your session, I immediate go back and download them to my computer. I love to take a look at them, and to be able to send a small sneak peak of your session! In two weeks, you will get a gallery for you to view your session! Our gallery allows us to let you download however many you want and have the ability to share them with your family and friends!

Two weeks before your wedding, we meet with our couple to get to know their venue before your big day gets here! We hate to show up and not know where to go or what to do. We will walk through where your ceremony will be taking place, any specific spots you want to have photos done with you and your bride/groom, and where your reception will be held! This meetings are crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly on our side so it's one less thing for you to worry about!

You might be wondering about your rehearsal! We also show up for that too. This allows us to run through who everyone is, and to run on some suggestions with the bridal party on how to stand during the ceremony. This also gives us an opportunity to let everyone know who we are!

Your wedding day is here! There is nothing to worry about because we have everything taken care of. We have all those meetings to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly!

Within the weekend of your wedding, I always make sure that you can have beautiful sneak peaks to be able to share with everyone! After 4-6 weeks of editing and making sure that your photographs represent your wedding beautifully, you will have access to your gallery! This will be just like your engagement session gallery! You can download and share as many as you want with everyone! Now, I'm sure you are wondering about your USB. We always confirm your address, before we mail your USB! Once you receive your package, you will have all the rights and printing rights to both your engagement session and your wedding!

That completes our before & after! Throughout your whole experience, we make sure that we can help you in any shape and form! Whether that's about your photographs, or maybe an idea for your exit, or a timeline! If you guys have any other questions about what comes with your package, feel free to reach out! Or let's meet up to walk through it in person! I love coffee!

We are almost through October! Our next weeks posts will include our experience that we had with Beliveau Winery in Blacksburg & why we love working with kids!