Taylor & Pip

They have been friends with each other since 2012 from Bluefield College. When April 1st came around, they wanted to play a joke with all their friends claiming that they were dating. It turned out to not stay a joke anymore! They have always loved watching & playing sports with each other. Taylor's mom alway claimed that every time she saw them they were always watching ESPN.

In October of 2019, Taylor decided he wanted to propose to her while they were visiting Washington DC. While they were walking around the monuments, they were discussing what they wanted to name their next dog. He suggested Will and very sneakily popped the question! Of course she said yes!

Their wedding is going to be a New Years Eve Wedding! Y'all, I seriously can't wait. The venue is drop dead gorgeous, and what a fun wedding to have! As we get prepared for their wedding, we always have an engagement session with our couples. We had two parts to their session. We wanted include their venue and the city in their part 1 & their dogs in part 2! Meet Winnie (their first child) and Willow (their second). Willow was actually named from him proposing to Pip!

Here are few of my favorites from their sessions! And, of course, we got some film shots in there. You guys know I love film, and these made me love them even more! Dakota and I are looking forward to being a part of their wedding in December!