Can we just take a moment and admire how ADORABLE Kevin & Kayla are?!

Dakota and I had an amazing time shooting their engagement session at the end of April! Kayla won our free engagement session at the Roanoke Bridal Show in January! When Kayla ran up with as much excitement as she did, I knew that they were going to be awesome to work with!

We decided to go to Heritage Park in Blacksburg for their session, which is my absolutely favorite place to go because you just CAN’T go wrong with mountains! Of course the park never lets me down with its beauty, and this cute couple helps too! I wanted to go over my favorite 10 out of the session (which was hard to do!), and explain why I adore them so much!

  1. I have a secret love for black and white photographs from when I was in school! With this image, I just couldn’t resist my love for it! My favorite part about these sessions is seeing how each couple reacts with one another. I loved that Kevin was whispering in her ear, with Kayla laughing hysterically at him!
  2. Along with Kayla laughing at him, I got a little peak of her eye past the grass that I just LOVED! I love framing my photographs with various things around. One thing that I love so much about Heritage Park is their tall golden brown grass! Her eye peaking through was the cherry on top to make it one of my favorites!
  3. I love the lightness & love in this photograph! The light in the sky to the lightness in the golden brown grass just made this photograph for me. Plus, I mean how look how happy and in love they are! It’s just amazing.
  4. Ok. Guys. This hay bale. When I was originally taking these, I knew they were going to be some of my favorite to share! I love the close up of them sharing a moment with each other, and the flowers resting on them!
  5. To add to the hay bale, the mountains! They were the perfect addition to MY kind of perfect picture! To add to another reason for why I love this place and the golden brown tones in the trees!
  6. My goal with black and white photographs is to create an even tone from the whitest of white to the blackest of black. I fell in love with them sitting on the hay bale and them looking at each other. Another favorite was the angle of having all the hay bales from left to right in the photograph.
  7. I mean who doesn’t love a ring shot?! I loved this one with the light blue airiness to it! The leading lines from the flowers, to leading up Kevin’s torso, to her shoes are something that I try to accomplish in my photographs. It allows to eye to enter and leave the photograph while looking at it. The flowers were a nice little addition and something fun to work with!
  8. This shot is special to Kevin and Kayla form their trip to Alaska! They have almost an exact shot of them sitting looking out to the water on their trip. Luckily, the park had a bench for them to recreate another for a different stage in their life!
  9. They always listened to a song that they revert to a lot in their relationship! They decided to have it printed a puzzle piece to include in their session! I love this image because they are facing each other and look so incredibly in love!
  10. Last but not least! Religion is something that they share together. In fact, they are getting married at the Bonsack Baptist Church in Roanoke! I wanted to give them a second to say a prayer for their relationship, and it was beautiful. These were some of the strongest photographs that we have of them and ones that I adore!