Engagement Sessions!

Are you recently engaged? That's so exciting! We love to talking to newly engaged couples about so many things. How they met, how he proposed, the plans for the wedding, and so much more! If engagement photos are something that your are interested in, we have good news! Engagement sessions are always included in our packages. By including them into our package, it allows us to do so many things!

Why we love them!

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big thing. Let's be real, we are the person who is with you the most throughout your wedding day! So when choosing one it is important to find someone that you get along with and "vibe" well with!

If you have seen our timeline of things, we meet often leading up to your wedding. We do this to create a relationship, gain a better understanding of you and your future spouse, and to let you guys have the most fun at your wedding as possible! When booking us, we meet before your engagement session to break the ice! Nothing is more awkward than meeting someone at your session for the first time ever. We love breaking the ice with people to let our sessions go smoother! These engagement sessions have the same concept! That is one of the main reasons for why we love having engagement sessions with you guys!

Another reason for why we love these sessions is, to let us know how you function in front of the camera. It's ok if you don't always feel the most comfortable in front of the camera! I would say that most of the couples that we book don't always enjoy to have their photo taken. With each session, we like to play games with you guys to lighten the mood and get to know you guys more! That session will set us up to know exactly how to plan for your wedding day. These sessions also allows everyone get to know each other and how we work behind & you in front of the camera!

One the remaining reasons we love these sessions is, that you guys get some beautiful photographs before your actual wedding day! Having these different kinds of photographs are things that you can cherish just as long as your wedding photos!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our engagement sessions in the past!