I don't know about you, but when I was preparing for my own engagement session I had no idea what to wear. If you feel like you are struggling with this too, trust me you're not the only one! It can be hard to decide what to wear when you're limited to one outfit or maybe two.

When creating our core values within the business, I found some things that needed to be offered to my clients that maybe photographers don't. I decided that it doesn't matter how many outfits you decide to wear as long as you guys are happy! You guys are the important thing at the end of the day! Most couples only have about 2 outfits that they want to be photographed in, but if you want to bring more you may!

Today, I wanted to talk about some ideas that may help you decide on what you should wear! However, there are some things to consider when choosing your outfits!


Location can be some serious deciding factors on outfits and even colors! If you want a mountain look, maybe you want a relaxed look and a casual look. Let's say that you wear for your relaxed look you could wear:

  • Shorts or jeans with a nice shirt for both of you and your future hubby!
  • Depending on who you are as a couple, a t-shirt is even acceptable!

For your casual look you could wear:

  • A dress with a cute pair of shoes for her and a nice pair of slacks with a button down for him
  • Finding a cute pair of dress pants and pairing it with a nice shirt can do wonders! The slacks and a button down can also work for this one too! (The guys have it easy!)

Another place that your session could in Downtown Roanoke or a small city of some sort! With these locations you could wear those casual looks with maybe an upscale look depending on who you guys are as a couple!

Who You Are

When deciding on what clothes to wear, I think the most important thing to consider is who you guys are! Save your wedding day for the look that maybe not everyone normally see's you in! You engagement session represent who you guys are together, and the same goes to your location! These photos won't just be used as your engagement session, Save the Dates, or invites. These will be photos that you will have to hang in your house to show who you guys are on a daily basis! These will also be high quality photographs of you guys in normal clothes that you can cherish for years to come.

How Many Outfits You Want

This can change depending on what kind of styles you are wanting! We don't limit our couples as I talked about earlier. This includes time and outfits. Typically people will choose two different outfits that will last about two hours. If you are wanting some different styles for yourself and for Save the Dates & invites we respect that and will make it happen for you! This may mean that we will have to move a little faster depending on what time the sun may be setting but we will always work with you guys to make you happy!

If you are still struggling to find ideas, I always recommend Pinterest! I find myself going there for anything I need help on! You can also shoot me a message! Let's talk about where you want your location to be & we will find those perfect outfits for you!