How are you guys doing?

I don't know about you guys, but I would love a normal life again! I have been so sad for so many brides that have had to change their wedding day because of COVID-19. I wish there was an easier transition for all my wedding people our there!

Although this time period has been tough, we always try to make light on things! We have tried to incorporate some new things into our lives during this time! Since Dakota is a firefighter, he never stopped working. Me on the other hand spent a lot of time with our children, AKA our dogs. They have been a lot of fun on this journey, as we spent a lot of our days outside doing some yoga. We also planted some sunflowers for the first time this year! Sadly, they all have gotten eaten by bunnies (we think). And, as always we are working on the house! We were able to finish vaulting the upstairs and put a new roof on it!

We would love to hear somethings you guys have picked up on your quarantine life!

We are all in this together!