Believe it or not, when branding there are little details that go into it that most might not realize! It goes deep through the name, colors, and shapes that we choose for our company. I believe that it's important for you guys to know my background and how I got here. These isn't just a job that I decided to pick up, this was a career that has so much love & passion behind it. I care so much behind the brand, to my clients, to my photographs. Without all these things, my life would have been very different so for that I am thankful to be where I am today.

Here is my story...

Our Name

I'm sure all of you guys are curious with how we got the name, Premiere Lumiere. In my life I believe that there have been two things that have impacted my life. As I said last week I rode horses for 12 years growing up. Horses was such a strong part of my path, it's weird to think that I don't ride anymore. I was graced with a horse that was named Flight. In the competing world, horses always had a show name and a name that they are called on a normal basis. Flight's show name was First Light and when you combined them you get Flight. I had always loved the name First Light. When I heard it I felt like it resembled a new beginning, an airiness, beautiful side of things. The second thing that has impacted my life, was my time that I had spent in France when I was 16 years old. At the time, we decided it was time for me to take an adventure. We decided to have me drop out of school, live with a host family, and go to school in France. As a 16 year old being in France by herself, it was a terrifying thing. But, without that experience I wouldn't be where I am today. Through my time in France, I found a passion/love for holding a camera. I knew that I needed to do something photography. Volià! Premiere Lumiere with was born. The French verison of First Light.


Colors are important, but oddly enough we also used colors for our cross country courses when I rode! This allowed people to see and know who we were, but it also made the sport fun. At one point I used yellow and blue (are you catching on now? ;) ) I felt like it had represented her name First Light. First being blue as the sky and Light being yellow and bright as the sun. Then I decided to have some fun and have everything being Zebra based..but that's besides the point! I felt like those colors were exactly as the name said. When I was creating my business, I knew I needed to bring those colors back into play! I feel like it works well!


Now, I know it sounds crazy but shape is important! Almost as important as colors. When I was trying to design my logo (I designed everything for myself), I had a hard time finding what I wanted. I felt incredibly stumped on what to do about it. Until I realized Flight had a very similar shape on her head has we have around our name. Flight has almost an arrow on her forehead, pointing up to the sky. I needed an pointing shape, and the diamond around the PL just made just right for us. It was like everything had fallen in place with the two things that have impacted my life (AKA it was meant to be).

Every business has a reason for everything when it comes to their branding. Ours just had a massive impact on my life! Here is Flight in her old years when I visited her about a year and a half ago. She is happy and fat, that is all I could ask for. And, here is me in my town in France when I was 16!

It's crazy with how fast life flies by.