Weddings. Goodness there is a lot involved when planning a wedding. Sometimes in the moment of planning, things may seem important at that point in time but they may not be! I wanted to go over some times that I think may be some things to worry about and others might not be! These things might even be something that you hadn't even thought about yet. That's why we are here!

You Should Worry..

My number one thing that I think is a should worry about is, COMFORT. Girl. It's going to be a long day. PREPARE. We all want some sexy heals to put on for such a beautifully prepared day, but if you are one that struggles to wear heals I wouldn't stress about it if you are going to be uncomfortable! Trust me, I thought I could do it but I didn't make it very long! Preparing for it will take one small stress out of worrying that you won't make it!

Another thing that you should worry about is, FOOD. I find that thing is one of the number one forgotten things when getting ready! We get very caught up in the planning process and tend to forget that we need to eat too! It is always nice to delegate one person that isn't a part of the bridal party to bring some snacks for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Especially if there is drinking going on!

The last thing that you should worry about is a DAY OF TIMELINE. I cannot stress how important it is to create one. Depending on your getting ready process you may want to consider starting earlier to create less of a tension or stress leading up to your wedding! 8/10 times your hair & makeup will delay on getting some photographs before the ceremony. Some things may be more important to some brides but not others! If you create your day of timeline, it will help all of your vendors know when everything will be happening to ensure your day runs smoothly without you running it!

There are so many things that I could talk about with the things you should worry about. The reality of it is that most of the things that you may be worrying about are under the should not worry about category! Us planners, stress ourselves out too much.

You Should NOT Worry...

You shouldn't stress too much about your GUESTS. Yes, they are important! But, I believe that we can stress ourselves out way too much about who needs to sit next to who. What kinds of foods you should or should not have. The reality of this is that it's your day. If someone needs to sit next someone random, they will be ok for an evening with getting to know your other family and friends! Not to mention that you cannot please everyone. I have seen family members get upset with each other for not putting a certain person next to them! It happens, but at the end of the day if they weren't with you while planning they have no right to complain.

Don't stress about the WEATHER. The weather will be how it is going to be! We cannot control it unfortunately. That being said, that is our job to still make your day beautiful because it will be no matter what the weather decides to be that day!

Ok the topic for the last year or two has been PHONES. Y'all this is no lie. I put it on my personal programs for our wedding. I cannot tell you the amount of phones I saw pointing at me as I walked down the aisle. The sad reality of it is that they won't see it. They will think they are just documenting it for themselves and not realize that you wished they hadn't. I wouldn't stress about this too much because people will do what they will want to do at the end of the day!

Last but not least, THINGS MIGHT NOT GO AS PLANNED. It happens just like the phone thing! Don't stress yourself out on everything needing to be perfect, because it may not go as you perfectly wanted. That's ok! Life isn't perfect at the time. Half the time you may not even know that something wrong even happened! People aren't going to judge you for the wrong things because they won't know it wasn't right in the first place! Everything is all going to be ok!

What else do you think should belong to these lists?