Before we get started, grab a coffee or maybe a glass of wine and breathe!

You got it in your hand? Good! Weddings can be incredibly stressful with having to think about everyone when at the end of the day, it's YOUR wedding! They always say that even though it's your wedding, it's not about you. Sadly, it can be true! However, the most IMPORTANT thing that I want you to remember is that it is actually your wedding day! Make sure that you and your future hubby are comfortable and that you guys have an amazing day as you two become one! With so many things to think about, I wanted to see if maybe I could help you out with some of your stresses. Here we go!


  • It's your day. If something doesn't sit right in your heart, make a change!
  • If you're a new to this process and don't have a date picked, check out some venues first! We have found that if you have your heart set a date before you find a venue, it feel like you're physically pulling your hair out! Venues can book incredibly fast, and some might be the perfect fit but might not have your date available. We always recommend to our clients to pick out a venue first and then find a date!
  • WEDDING DRESSES! Some of us grow up thinking about that moment of sliding into that perfect white dress. When trying on dresses, some might feel like the perfect fit in store! Before you say, "Yes to the dress!" sit down! Can you sit down in it? Ok, check! It might feel like a perfect fit, but unfortunately those dresses are stretched out from so many people trying them on! You might want to consider about going a size up. I know the thought is terrible..but I can tell you from experience it would be way better than having that fear 24/7 of I might not fit in my dress! You can always have it brought in, but not all dresses have the availability to be brought out!
  • Creating a day of timeline can be one of the most helpful things to create a smooth wedding day! Some venues require a day of timeline, and others don't. I can tell you from experience that it will help to have one whether it's for your own personal use or for everyone else!
  • Things won't always go as planned! It's sad but true. You could try to get everyone's RSVP, and yet they will still show up expecting food! Or someone will run late. Or someones phone will go off during the ceremony! Your bustle might break! Things happen, and that's ok! There will be so many other things to focus on, don't let it ruin your day!

Not to Remember / Stress

  • Center pieces or flowers? All of your bouquets for your girls are totally acceptable! But, flowers can be expensive! If you are on a tight budget, maybe just go with some simple greenery! Not everyone is going to recognize the effort that was put into the center pieces. Greenery can go a long way and your guest can talk to each other across the table!
  • Programs. Not everyone will remember those either! Want to save the trees or maybe put your money to a different part of your wedding? Creating a sign before they go to where your ceremony will help with that!
  • An Unplugged Wedding..boy let me tell you! You can try time and time again but it won't work. Not unless you physically take their phones! I can tell you from my own personally wedding and others I have done, I have never seen a successful unplugged wedding! I cannot tell you why they would personally want photos of you walking down the aisle, but they do!
  • Invitations are just like flowers! You can do it in many different ways with some of the cheapest to the most utterly expensive way! We always want you to be able to include our engagement session into your invitations, but it can be costly! The reality is that not everyone is going to appreciate the quality and effort that you went into making these invitations. As long as they know where to go, on what day, at what time your guest will be set!

There are so many things that I could go on about. The reality of it, is make your guest comfortable and make yourself comfortable! Not many people are going to remember the colors you used, or your center pieces, or your flowers. They are going to remember the fun and joy that they had while being at your wedding! You can put countless hours of planning into your wedding, but having fun is the most important part!

If any of you guys are struggling with planning or at a road block! Check out what your photographer has to say! We attend a lot of weddings and have seen some really cool things and not so cool things. We want to help you guys as much as possible and ease your stress leading up to your wedding!

Check out next weeks post about first looks & what to expect before and after booking us!