What is perfect?

I mean we all want that picture perfect moment where everything falls into place just right. These perfect moments could be different with every person. My perfect could be completely different from yours and that's ok! That is what makes us all unique.

When I was photographing Ethan & Krista's wedding, they had it on their family farm. They were surrounded by hay fields, cows, horses, and dogs. When I was growing up, I rode horses for 12 years. Being on a farm is one of my favorite places to be, and if I am around horses even better. When it came to me photographing their wedding, I couldn't have been more excited!

They have an old horse on their farm named Annie. Deklan, their son, loves to give his Annie apples every day. They have this beautiful field that Annie hangs out in and we wanted to do some of their photos in it. As we went out there, Annie decided to greet us with her presences. I couldn't have been more excited to bring her into some photos! Krista wanted to say hello, but as she approached Annie she was terrified of Krista's dress! I mean as a horse, I can understand the scary part of this massive white thing approaching her! This is where the moment happened...

Krista sat down to let Annie greet her. Annie walked over and finally realized who it was. She was sweet as could be and started to love on Krista. As someone who rode horses for 12 years, this just tickled my heart to death.

I think I will always have a soft spot for this photograph even with the thousands of photographs I will take in the future.