I am thankful for..

I believe that there are one or two people that we are thankful for. It would be almost difficult to live without them. I have recently realize that I have a lot of people that are there to support me and help me in any way possible. For every person that has been there for me the most in the last few weeks, I am forever thankful for them. Dakota will always be someone that I am forever grateful for, but today I am thankful for my parents! They have surprised me with the support and love as I have gone through my life. Without them, I wouldn't have be where I am today. As my dad has his own business it has taught me that I can have my own as well. They have shown me the way of putting in hard work and showing the passion & love through it all. Within the last 5 years, I have not only enjoyed spending more time with them as parents, but also being able to build a friendship with them! I must admit they are some pretty cool people. So thank you Mom & Dad for helping me through the years and supporting me every step of the way!

Who are you thankful for?

Who is someone that you are thankful for and why? All of our stories are so different and I love hearing our why!