Dakota and I can't stress enough about timelines for your wedding day! We know that not everything goes totally on time, but it's always best to have an idea of where you would like to be at what time!

I would say that 80% of the weddings that we go to, none of them run on time. Most will have their hair & makeup run late, or something else won't show up on time. That is ok! Things happen. We strongly recommend to start your hair & make up early because most run late!

By having a timeline, it will allow us to gain a better knowledge of how you want your wedding to flow! We like to be able to help in any way we can, and by having a timeline we can help move people or let others know the plan. If you need help coming up with a timeline, we are more than happy to help! The more that is written out the easier the day can run!

Our Timeline

We LOVE creating a relationship with our clients! It is important to us to get to know one another to make sure everyone knows each other and so things run smoothly! We have created a timeline for our brides as we lead up to their wedding day to smooth things out!

Here is our timeline for you guys:

Meeting before engagement session - breaking the ice!

Engagement session

2 week meeting before the wedding at your venue - going through your timeline

Rehearsal meet up - meeting bridal party & family

Your Wedding Day!

These meetings are important! Especially the two week one before your wedding. This allows us to do multiple things! One of them is to walk through your day of timeline. We don't want to show up to your wedding and have no idea what the plan is or not know where we need to be. The second one is to walk around your venue! This is important to us because of our own experience. We want to know your venue and seek out good places for your photos! Let's be real, this is what your paid us to do! We can't fail on the one thing you paid us to do! Meeting there will let us make sure that nothing is forgotten! At the end of the day we want to make sure that your happy!

At your two week meeting we walk through and see where everyone is getting ready, what time everyone is showing up, where the ceremony is being held, and locations that you want to have your photos done! There is so much more to walk through, but those are the primary things to talk about! After your two week meeting, I take some time to think about where we need to be, when we need to show up, and things to remember for your wedding day. I make sure to email you the week of your wedding with the timeline I have created in my head and things that you may want to bring to be photographed on the day of!

Last but not least one of us will be at your rehearsal! I know it sounds crazy, but it is nice to put faces to names! We get to meet the bridal party, give suggestions on how to stand at the alter, and get to know family members! We do not photograph the dinner, however if you do want it to be photographed we do offer that in addition to our package!

Then it is time for you and your spouse to have fun and remember your wedding day forever!

If you guys have any questions about timelines, or how to make one let us know! We have many recommendations that might help! Or if you have any questions about our timeline, we are happy to explain why we have made it this way!

Happy Planning!