Happy Anniversary to the Wimmers!

This past week the Wimmers celebrated their first year of marriage! They had a small wedding out on their family's land. While photographing their wedding, I found that I have way too many to chose from. Their wedding was on of my favorites that we shot. Here are some that I am still obsessing over!

During their reception, they actually announced that they would be having a baby in December! I was very lucky and got to follow their journey through everything! Zyllah, their baby girl, was forced to enter the world earlier than they expected! The doctors decided to induce Krista about a month early. So we scrambled to get her maternity photos done before they went in! They had only a couple weeks to get everything ready for baby Zy to come home.

Krista allowed me to be with her during the birth! It was so much fun watching Ethan during the process as he was not allowed to be with Krista during her first pregnancy. Krista is luckier than other moms during their delivery process! They start the inducing process around 9am and Zy came into the world around 5:30pm! While we were in the hospital I was over hearing some mom's that had already been there for a day and still hadn't given birth!

This experience was one of the coolest that I got to be a part of and document. I can't wait to document more of their lives as their family grows each year. Thank you to Krista and Ethan for allowing me to be a part of your family!