Dakota and Abi have been together for 4 years now. Although Dakota was not always a photographer, Abi has always had a love for photographing everything. While studying abroad for 6 months at 16 years old with a camera in her hand every second she could, she decided to pursue a photography degree. Dakota and Abi met before she began studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Dakota learned very quickly how Abi photographs, and everything behind the scenes. When they started photographing together, they worked flawlessly as a team! 

During Abi's time at SCAD she really took the time to look at other photographer's website while she was planning her own wedding! She noticed a lot of unfair qualities during her search with how much people were being charged. From then on, Abi wanted to make a change in photography industry. 

Dakota and Abi are set on a mission to make sure that clients are getting beautiful photographs for the price you pay!

Our Story

Dakota and Abi met at their local community college in their public speaking class! Most people don't believe in love at first sight, however they came pretty close it! After only one night of talking to each other, they knew they would be together forever. A year later, Dakota proposed to Abi in the beautiful country side of France. Of course she said yes!  Abi knew she was moving to Savannah with the intentions of going to SCAD before even making in. She had informed Dakota she was moving there, and offered that they moved down together. They decided to take a jump together and move! 


Dakota and Abi had a long engagement of close to 3 years! Although it was a long engagement, they truly bonded over those few years before marrying each other! Abi also wanted to make sure that she finished school before planning a wedding. She finally finished school in November of 2017 and made the decision to move back to Virginia with Dakota to prepare for the wedding. They have now been happily married since April and ready to give back to others by provides beautiful wedding photographs!